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Contact Information

Contact Brittany:
I do not know of any way to contact Brittany, other than sending her a fan letter to NBC.  BUT, however I did read her mother at one point does not want to set any fan address up or an contact information.  But, it does not hurt if you try sending a letter to NBC's address.  If you get any response please let me know!

Contact Webmaster:
Please E-mail me at

Quick Site Info:
All graphics were made by me including site design.  Photos used in the graphics belong  to NBC.
All content on this site, was searched by me, taking several hours at a time.  Anything you want to use on this site, feel free to but PLEASE give me back credit.

Please remember, I am not Brittany or any one that knows her or any cast in American Dreams as well as Guiding Light.  I am just a fan showing Brittany my support.  SO do not send me any e-mails that are meant for her, because they will never reach her, and she will never read them.  Thanks.